Ebook: How to Create a Paperless Client Onboarding Process in Wealth Management

According to CEB Tower Group, "A new client is almost twice as likely to recommend their firm when they have an "excellent" initial interaction as when they have a 'fair' initial interaction." The expectations of wealth management clients are that your onboarding process is convenient, digital and the same information doesn't need to be filled in over and over again.

Mike Gardner, CEO of Agreement Express, helps wealth management firms create a framework for implementing a completely paperless, and painless, onboarding process in the eBook "How to Create a Paperless Onboarding Process in Wealth Management".

What You'll Learn From the eBook:

Why you can't afford to not develop a paperless onboarding process
How to choose (or build) an onboarding automation platform
The nuts and bolts of implementing a paperless onboarding process

Mike Gardner


Agreement Express

Mike has become an onboarding thought leader on onboarding automation in the financial services industry. He has presented with the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC), PYMNTS.com, and other online publications.

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